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How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Would you like to know how to open a bottle of wine effortlessly? There are many different kinds of corkscrews and the instructions would be different for each. This covers how to open a bottle of wine using a Sommelier knife which is the most often used corkscrew in restaurants.

  1. Open wine bottle
    Place the foil cutter (the knife part of the tool, may also be a sharp cutting disk) under the lip at the end of the wine capsule on the top of the bottle. Press against the edge under the rim of the foil and rip the cutter knife upwards all the way to the top removing the foil.
  2. CAREFULLY enclose the knife back into it's recess.
  3. The coiled section of a Sommelier knife is called the "worm". Place the tip of the worm just next to the center of the cork,on a 45'angle. The middle of the worm (where there is no metal) should be over the middle of the cork.
  4. Press the worm into the cork turning clockwise while you twist the the bottle anticlockwise in your other hand turn the worm until it's just about to the end of the cork.(don't go any further into the cork)
  5. Move the lever arm down against the neck. (top of the bottle)
  6. Pull up on the lever (i.e. the handle) firmly. The cork will gently lift up out of the bottle.