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Website for your restaurant, with on-line order feature and web-base pos system !

How to receive on-line orders ?

  • If no internet connection:

    1. Printed from FAX machine.
    2. on-line orders will be sent to eMail box & notify you by automatically ring a call to your phone.

  • Due to some devices have data plan limitation, music might not play automacally when new order received.
  • Devices might need to gmail instant notification or install app to immediately notify new orders recieve.

See sample website :

Basic features will be provided for your website:

  1. Restaurant basic information and MENU images.
  2. Show restaurant location in Google Map for driving direction.
  3. Download and save MENU as Adobe pdf file on local computer for off-line reading.
  4. Customer will be able to send comments and reservation request to your eMail box through website.
  5. On-line order capability, this feature can be turned on-off at anytime.
  6. And also servers can use any internet capable devices to place order and receive order.
  7. Custom logo, standalone website, unique website address, and search engines visible.

Basic functions will be provided for your web-base POS:

  1. Support 2 lines Caller-IDs for each system.
  2. Support up to 8 printers.
  3. Support 1 cash drawer.
  4. Support second language printing.
  5. Use any internet capable devices to take orders or recieve orders.
  6. Retrieve ticket, edit ticket, split ticket, combine tickets, delete ticket, close ticket, print receipt.
  7. On-line sales report.

Easy creation of on-line menu:

  1. Use scanner with OCR (text recognition), scan menu and save as txt file, we provide [ small software ] to generate on-line menu.
  2. Edit on-line menu once, use for both website and web-base pos system. so register a free account now, no personal information needed.

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